Repairs & Maintenance

About Repairs & Maintenance

ePUMPS is fully staffed with skilled and knowledgeable technicians to service any pump or seal related situation.  From repairs and rebuilds to final installation, each technician is factory trained and certified through OEM training courses and is equipped to provide service-designed solutions for any application.  Exceptional quality standards, thorough inspections, accurate proposals, and well-documented repairs ensure that the pump or seal will be repaired and installed to the required specifications.

The full benefits of our preventative maintenance approach go beyond simple preservation to fully capitalizing on what your equipment can do for you. Our service technicians are proficient in the latest technologies to assess your existing systems for upgrades and can recommend measures that will help maximize your equipment’s performance and efficiency and minimize the potential for costly, unscheduled downtime. Backed by our seasoned engineering staff, our team of qualified technicians have unrivaled resources that enable them to fine-tune your equipment for optimal performance, improved reliability and efficient operation.

To prevent issues before they start, make sure you’re equipped with the best components and accessories. ePUMPS can help you find the best, high-quality accessories for your equipment. Browse our selection of accessories here and call ePUMPS for more information.

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