ePUMPS Response to Covid-19

April 1, 2020 - Latest News

April 1, 2020

Dear Valued Customer,
Many locations throughout the World are implementing orders, including “safer-at-home” orders to slow the spread of Covid-19 (coronavirus). Although these orders have directed non-essential businesses to close their physical workplaces and facilities to workers, customers, and the public, they have urged businesses that provide essential services to continue operations during this current state of emergency. ePUMPS is sending you this letter to notify you that we are continuing operations as an essential goods and services supplier. We are open for business.

In these orders, essential businesses include critical goods and services for the following industries: healthcare and public health, food and agriculture, energy, water and wastewater, public works, critical manufacturing, hazardous materials, chemical, commercial facilities, residential/shelter facilities and services, and hygiene products and services. ePUMPS is ready and available to provide goods and services for all of these essential and necessary businesses. We offer solutions that can support businesses that are navigating disrupted supply chains or exploring new ways of working as a result of the deepening effects of the coronavirus.

It is ePUMPS’ priority to maintain the business continuity needed to provide support and services to you, our valued customers. We have introduced ways for our employees to work with you through digital means as much as possible. ePUMPS was founded on principles such as thinking beyond ourselves, the importance of personal relationships, and the empowerment to provide vitality and authenticity. With these in mind, ePUMPS continues to develop means to impact our communities, employees, and partners in positive and helpful ways.
ePUMPS will continue to provide for your needs during this unprecedented time. We wish you and your families health and we thank you for your continued support.

Gary Simpson, President
ePUMPS, Inc.