ePUMPS Expands 3D Modeling and Product Visualization Capabilities

October 14, 2019 - Latest News

ePUMPS is proud to serve its customers with the capabilities of 3D solid modeling software. This software allows us to utilize internal knowledge and experience, reduce costs by eliminating the use of outside contractors, and be more fluid and responsive to the needs of our customers throughout the project.

ePUMPS, employs pump experts in all positions, from salesmen, to engineers, to fabricators. By bringing these professionals to the forefront of the design portion of projects we are able to have even more control of the development, down to the finest details. The software allows us to satisfy an extensive list of customer needs: from custom skids to accommodate nearly all pump assembly applications, to specialized tools for pump servicing, and even animation and finite element analysis give a comprehensive understanding of the design to the customer.

By keeping the work in-house, we are able to cut out external engineers and drafters completely. With 3D modeling we are not simply putting together 2D drawings, but have the ability to design complex assemblies from scratch and offer multiple views for the customer to get the best idea possible of exactly what they’re receiving. We can even provide the model itself for insertion into larger assemblies the customer is working on themselves. Many hours can be put into a complicated assembly, and being able to manage that at ePUMPS rather than paying someone else is savings which is passed along to our customers.

When you keep a portion of the manufacturing process in the business, you are in control of that process entirely. Upgrades, modifications and accommodations in the design of a product can all be accounted for and processed on our watch. We don’t have to wait on someone else’s work load or vacation schedule. We can provide you with answers and corrections in short order rather than being a middle man between the user and the designer. This gives us the opportunity to provide better customer service and help make sure our customers are getting what they need, when they need it, so the project finishes on time and without issue.

ePUMPS is excited to put this software and the experts behind it to use to provide your pumping solutions through superior design at a reduced cost through a dynamic and versatile process.