Helimix® Folding Blade Mixer

Simple and Efficient Design for Intermediate Bulk Containers Mixing

The Helimix folding blade agitator has been specifically designed to overcome the constraints of intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).  Products within the IBC must be regularly mixed to prevent separation, but the short processing times and a narrow opening pose installation and removal challenges for standard agitators.

The Helimix mixer’s rotating blades fold to a slim 70 mm when closed, allowing easy insertion, and then opens to 230 mm to get to all four corners of the container.


  • Optimal agitation. Large folding blades (operating volume from 100 to 1,000 liters) provide the full container agitation
  • Easy to use. Milton Roy Mixing Helimix agitators are lightweight (only 20 kg) and are quickly and easily mounted with hooks through a 140mm IBC opening.
  • Four models to choose to suit your application. Helimix comes with options in speed, impeller design, and motor drive power so it can take on your mixing challenges.


General Industry

Intermediate bulk containers are used throughout many industries and Helimix folding blade mixers are the optimal solution for solid suspensions and liquid blending of paints, varnishes, lime milk, oils, syrup, inks, eggs, sorbitol, additives, coating, slurries and many more.


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