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Coupling Grease
Thermasil T-100

Coupling Grease

Royal Purple’s Coupling Grease is a lithium complex, high film strength grease that provides superior resistance to oil separation from the high centrifugal forces generated by couplings. It is formulated with high viscosity synthetic oils and tacky, synthetic polymers, plus Royal Purple’s proprietary SYNSLIDE® additive technology to provide the tenacity and film strength necessary to protect against heavy loads and high centrifugal forces.

SYNSLIDE® Additive Technology Makes the Difference

Synthetic oils enable Royal Purple to make superior lubricants, but it is Royal Purple’s advanced Synslide additive technology that gives Royal Purple’s EP lubricants their amazing performance advantages.  Synslide additive technology truly is beyond synthetic.

Synslide additive technology, Royal Purple’s tough EP lubricating film, provides maximum protection under boundary lubrication condition typically caused by heavily loaded slow speed and/or shock loaded conditions.  The tenacious, slippery film significantly improves lubrication and reduces wear by increasing the oil film thickness and toughness, which helps to prevent metal-to-metal contact in gears and bearings.

Synslide additive technology is noncorrosive to gears and bearings including case-hardened gears that are easily pitted by conventional sulfur-phosphorus EP oils.  Synslide additive technology displaces water from metal surfaces and excels in protecting equipment in wet environments.  It also fortifies the oil against the detrimental effects of heat, which causes the oil to oxidize.


Thermasil T-100

Thermasil™ T-100 is a viscous, water resistant, tacky grease designed to protect extremely heavily loaded, low speed bearings or sliding surfaces (such as open gears, skid-rails, gear couplings, etc.) that operate in wet or hot environments where other EP greases perform poorly or even fail.

Thermasil™ T-100 is extremely resistant to water washout and provides excellent corrosion protection. It is especially suited for lubricating very low speed, heavily loaded bearings, bushings, pinions, gears, sliding surfaces, etc.

Thermasil™ T-100 is formulated with advanced, synthetic base oils plus Royal Purple’s proprietary, EP SYNSLIDE® additive technology, which adheres tenaciously to metal surfaces.

Thermasi™ T-100 lubricates under severe loads that “squeeze out” other oils and greases plus provides superior protection in wet and / or corrosive environments.

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