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Smart Ground Monitor
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Inpro/Seal Current Diverter Ring (CDR®) technology protects your motor bearings and coupled equipment from damaging electrical currents so you can maximize equipment reliability, reduce costly maintenance and minimize unscheduled downtime.

Variable Frequency Drives can create stray currents that run along the shaft and discharge through the motor bearings and bearings of coupled equipment — causing fusion craters, pitting, frosting and fluting. The Smart CDR grounds shaft currents that cause bearing damage and premature motor failure.

On severe-duty applications, The Smart Motor Gounding Seal (MGS®) provides complete bearing protection against shaft currents, contamination ingress and lubrication loss,

For the next generation of shaft grounding, Smart Shaft Grounding, only from Inpro/Seal, combines proven technology with innovative new features, providing solutions to problems that limit other technologies.

Divert it. Ground it. Protect it.

Smart Ground Monitor

The Inpro/Seal® Smart Ground Monitor is a condition monitoring system that provides instant feedback on the performance the Smart CDR® or Smart MGS®.

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) can produce harmful shaft currents, a leading cause of premature bearing failure in VFD-driven equipment. Shaft grounding devices, such as the Smart CDR and Smart MGS, divert shaft currents away from bearings to ground and protect the bearings from these harmful currents; however, operating environments, installation and other conditions can make effectiveness difficult to gauge.

The Smart Ground Monitor provides a leading indicator of shaft grounding performance. The sensor utilizes a simple interface to alert users in real time if the conductive filaments do not have optimal contact with the shaft sleeve or rotor. If contact has been interrupted, routine maintenance can return shaft grounding to peak performance before bearing damage occurs, saving both time and money.

Smart MGS

The Inpro/Seal® Smart MGS® combines premium shaft grounding with Bearing Isolator technology to provide complete bearing protection for severe-duty applications.

The Smart MGS employs proven shaft grounding technology with the patented VBXX® Bearing Isolator. Conductive filaments are isolated within the seal and provide a low impedance path to ground, diverting stray shaft currents safely away from the bearings to ground. The seal’s stator/rotor interface permanently protects against contamination ingress while the D-Groove and grease band seal against lubrication loss for either oil or grease lubricated applications.

The Smart MGS significantly increases long term grounding effectiveness. Isolated conductive filaments contact an integrated bronze rotor rather than the shaft directly, providing a consistent surface regardless of shaft condition and protecting the filaments from contamination.

When carbon filaments and the shaft are in direct contact, as in most grounding ring designs, conduction inhibiting oxidation forms on the shaft, reducing effectiveness over time. Some devices require the application of silver coatings or other Maintenance to the shaft at regular intervals to maintain performance. the innovative use of the bronze rotor as a conductive element within the Smart MGS design eliminates shaft oxidation without requiring costly ongoing maintenance.

Standard equipped with a Smart terminal, the Smart MGS is designed to connect to the Smart Ground Monitor to verify performance.

Smart CDR

The Inpro/Seal Smart CDR® is a zero maintenance shaft grounding solution that outlasts and outperforms other designs.

The Smart CDR protects bearings from harmful stray shaft currents by providing a low impedance path to ground, diverting those currents safely away from the bearings. Proprietary conductive filaments are coupled with a bearing-bronze sleeve to achieve premium shaft grounding performance and extended equipment life.

The innovative sleeve provides a consistent contact surface for the conductive filaments, making the Smart CDR less susceptible for grounding ineffectiveness caused by shaft conditions, contamination or oxidation. This unique design eliminates the time-consuming and costly maintenance associated with other grounding rings.

When carbon filaments and the shaft are in direct contact, as in most grounding ring designs, conduction inhibiting oxidation forms on the shaft, reducing the grounding ring’s effectiveness over time. The application of silver coatings or other maintenance to the shaft are required at regular intervals to maintain performance. The bronze shaft sleeve of the Smart CDR eliminates this oxidation permanently, requiring no ongoing maintenance.

To further ensure reliability, the Smart CDR is designed with a Smart Terminal for performance monitoring on the Smart Ground Monitor.

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