Liquid Additive eFRAC Blender Pump

Accurately transfer liquid additives to the blender that produces slurry used in hydraulic fracturing operations

All wetted parts: 316L stainless steel
Elastomer seals: EPDM, Buna-N, FKM

Front loading seals allow for fast and easy maintenance
Stainless steel gear box is standard
Male NPT port connections are standard
Base plate adapters available to mate with OEM pump foot print
Hydraulic motor adapter housing that can be used multiple times when replacing pump
Other adapter mounting plates available to unique applications
One pump that handles various flow rates

Size Part #

RZL115-FRAC2-A Pump with adapter housing to connect with SAE-A hydraulic motors
RZL115-FRAC2-B Pump with adapter housing to connect with SAE-B hydraulic motors