P Series Hydra-Cell Metering Pumps

P Series Hydra-Cell Metering Pumps

Electronic Precision Metering

Versatile, Reliable Pumps for a Wide Range of Applications

  • Designed to handle a wide range of fluids from clear water to thick slurries
  • Electronic flow control increases accuracy and reliability
  • Multiple diaphragm design provides linear, virtually pulse-less flow
  • Smaller footprint saves valuable space
  • One pump covers a wide range of flows and pressures – reducing inventory requirements with fast, simple field conversion
  • Duplexing option doubles capacity and equipment savings
  • Hydraulically-actuated, balanced diaphragms provide superior performance across entire pressure range
  • Rugged construction with a variety of affordable choices for liquid end, diaphragm and check valve materials

Accurate, Reliable Electronic Flow Control

Unlike metering pumps that use manual stroke adjusters, Hydra-Cell P Series metering pumps use Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) electronic flow adjustment to maintain greater accuracy over the entire turndown range. This reduces the possibility of operator error, pumping inaccuracies, lost motion, and chance of leakage.

  • Solid-state electronics are unlikely to fail
  • Metering is linear over the entire range
  • Volume per stroke is constant and a known value
  • Easy calibration of the desired feed rate
  • Rate of change is virtually instantaneous (0 to maximum rpm in 0.3 seconds) with AC motor

Greater Choice of Materials Enhances Capability

Some metering pump manufacturers offer only PTFE diaphragms, which require more frequent and costly replacement due to stress and low processing temperatures.

Hydra-Cell metering pumps can be equipped with a variety of diaphragm materials (FKM, Buna-N, EPDM, Neoprene,Aflas, and PTFE).This enables Hydra-Cell metering pumps to operate over a wider range of processing applications.

In addition, several Hydra-Cell metering pump packages are available with special materials such as Hastelloy C and PVDF. Other metering pumps apply substantial price adders for exotic liquid end materials.

Reduced Pulsations Improve Operation

Pulsing, surging flow from traditional metering pumps can produce greater strain on the system and more wear and tear on the pump. Hydra-Cell features a multiple-diaphragm design (except model P100) that practically eliminates pulsations.

  • Reduces pipe strain
  • Enhances operating safety
  • Minimizes maintenance
  • Reduces friction and acceleration losses in the suction line
  • Eliminates the need for pulsation dampeners
  • Provides accurate metering with linear, constant flow
  • Lowers system acquisition costs

Compared to conventional metering pumps operating under the same conditions at the same flow and pressure, Hydra-Cell metering pumps provide smooth, almost pulse-less performance. This allows for the design of a safer, less expensive metering pump system and for use in more accurate applications, such as spraying which cannot tolerate pulsing flow.

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