Natural Gas Vertical Pump Project

ePUMPS is a leader in reliability driven pump solutions.  Over the years, we have been asked to solve issues for customers in various industries.  From engineering to field service, we have the capabilities to figure out what the best package is for whatever your predicament. 

In May of 2016, an engineer for a major Mid-Continent Oilfield Producer requested an electric pump for a job site.    When we were about to ship the pump to the job site, we realized that the site would not have electric power.  ePUMPS engineering and sales teams put their heads together in order to quickly solve this issue. 

The ePUMPS team was able to solve the issue quickly and efficiently by putting together a natural gas package for the pump.  The team worked through the concern in order to integrate the current pump with the natural gas driven engine.  In order for this to work the team changed the pump order, by increasing the size of the pump.  A month after the changes were requested, the ePUMPS team was able to put the solution into use on site. 

This fix was completed in an extremely short period of time, and with an extremely competitive pricing margin, because the pump package was built in our shop.  Our customer has had much success with the natural gas package and is able to move the package from site to site without issue. 

ePUMPS prides itself in providing exceptional service and innovative ideas to our customers.  We are excited to engineer fixes for any dilemma.