MAXROY® Series Metering Pumps

MAXROY® Series Metering Pumps

MAXROY® Metering Pumps

Rugged and reliable

For the toughest chemical processing applications

MAXROY series is a rugged, industrial grade of metering pumps designed for applications up to 290 gph (1,100 l/h) at pressures up to 406 psi (28 bar). Its cast iron housing with chemical resistant coating enables the pump to be used in the harshest environments.


  • Years of reliable operation. The hydraulically balanced diaphragm provides reliable chemical delivery with preventative maintenance.
  • Durable construction and safe operation. Dust-tight cast iron housing with durable coating stands up to the harshest environment. The Internal adjustable pressure relief valve protects the pump from over pressure conditions.
  • Operational flexibility. Capacity adjustable allows flexible control while a wide variety of available wetted materials assures fluid compatibility.


  • Standard turndown ratio of 10:1 expandable with various options to fit application requirements
  • Steady state accuracy ±1%
  • Capacity ranges up to 290 gph (1100 l/hr)
  • Pressures up to 406 psi (28 bar)


For a wide array of chemical processes.  The absence of contour plates enables the MAXROY series metering pumps to handle a broad spectrum of chemicals including acids, caustics, slurries, viscous materials, and many other process additives. It has been used in a wide range of industry installations including water and waste treatment, power, paper, mining, oil and gas, agriculture, and chemical processing.


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