Compressor Seals

Compressor Seals


The Flowserve Ampliflow helps ensure that an adequate supply of clean, filtered gas is provided to the seals during periods of low differential across the compressor.


The Circpac is a segmented carbon ring seal used in turbomachinery equipment. Originally designed to help keep bearing oil away from the dry gas seals, it can also be applied as a standalone sealing solution.


The Cleanpac line of filters includes heavy liquid removal units, hybrid coalesce / pre-filter units along with dual coalescing filter assemblies.


Drypac will reduce the potential of liquid formation between the seal faces by lowering the dew point of the gas and raising the temperature of the seal supply gas at least 20°C (36°F) above the dew point as recommended by API standards.


Flowserve Gaspac dry gas seals incorporate non contacting lift-off technology to provide low break away torque and reliable performance under all operating conditions. The Gaspac is a standardized modular design in various configurations.

N2 Genpac

Generates Nitrogen gas from compressed air in hazardous conditions or remote locations.


Modular-based dry gas seal support system that simplifies the typical dry gas seal control panel.


Turbopac oil lubricated mechanical seals arranged in the following configurations:

  • Product side, single mechanical seal combined with an atmospheric floating ring or labyrinth seal
  • Double mechanical seals in face to face arrangements
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