CM Compact Diaphragm Pumps

CM Compact Diaphragm Pumps

CM Compact Diaphragm Pumps

Piston diaphragm pumps for difficult media.

ABEL CM piston diaphragm pumps are single or double-action specialized pumps that are used for difficult media. They are highly resistant to wear, even when used at high pressures over an extended period of time. Their true double-diaphragm technology offers a high degree of safety. When used as a pump for feeding filter presses, the rugged, automatic flow rate control (which does not use complex electronics) is another impressive feature that makes it even more reliable.

ABEL CM pumps – specialists for difficult media

  • For sludge transfer
  • Feeding filter presses, rotary kilns, or spray driers (spray dryer feed pump)
  • Raw sewage transfer
  • Transfer of abrasive, corrosive, acidic, alkaline, pigmented, viscous, and grainy media

Available with ATEX certification.

The advantages of ABEL CM

  • Operational reliability through double membrane technology
  • Up to 30 m³/h (130 GPM)
  • Up to 3.0 MPa (435 psi)
  • Tested design
  • Optimal control
  • Long life
  • Servicebility
  • Plastic design (Polypropylene wet end) available

The CM technology

  • Optimal design to withstand high pressures
  • Maximum filling efficiency
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Product side without gland packing
  • Ball or conical valves
  • Valve housing with inspection openings
  • Visual or electrical membrane control indicator
  • Safety valve and automatic liquid supplement in the primary circulation
  • Central pressure control during filter press operation
  • Automatic membrane position control
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