Chopper Pumps

Chopper Pumps

Chop Flow™

Created by the same engineers and manufactured side-by-side with the dependable pumps, the Chop-Flow™ pump is just as rugged and dependable.

The Chop-Flow™ pump chops as it pumps, keeping oversized solids and stringy material from clogging your downstream process.

The WSP Chop-Flow pump is a powerful, cost-efficient way to chop and pump at the same time. Solids, fibers, and other hard to pump materials are pulled into the pump suction, before these materials enter the pump impeller vanes, they are cut by the action of the rotating impeller against the stationary cutter plate, so they easily pass through the pump after being chopped several hundred times per minute.

Features and Benefits

  • “Wrap around nose-vanes” ensure effective chopping at the center of the impeller, without the need for an impeller nut
  • A one or two-piece, easily replaceable rigid cutter-bar spans the entire suction opening, creating versatility for the toughest chopping applications
  • Rear pump-out vanes with cutting slots repel and chop any material that gets behind the impeller
  • The wearing parts-cutting bar, impeller and rear cutting teeth can be easily and inexpensively replaced
  • All clearances are easily and externally adjustable by one person without having to unbolt and move the pump and/or motor
  • Top quality materials and castings are utilized throughout, there are no flimsy fabricated parts to corrode
  • Available with packing and all conventional mechanical seals, flushed or flush-less


  • Food and beverage
  • Automotive
  • Waste water
  • Digester mixing


  • Food and beverage processing
  • Materials handling (Industrial)
  • Water and waste water