CENTRAC™ Metering Pumps

CENTRAC™ Metering Pumps

CENTRAC™ Series Metering Pumps

Better accuracy and greater responsiveness CENTRAC metering pumps are engineered to operate with the highest level of performance and accuracy.

CENTRAC pumps combine a unique constant stroke length drive mechanism and electronic variable speed drive technology. The unique drive system provides a steady state accuracy of +/- 0.5% over the entire turndown range. This is twice the accuracy of the standard +/- 1% of most metering pumps. Greater accuracy means better control of the treatment process and more efficient chemical usage.

In addition, these pumps offer a 100:1 turndown ratio. The advanced design enables the pumps to respond instantly to changes in dosage rate, making it the ideal metering pump for a wide range of flow rates in water and wastewater treatment applications.


  • Simple but robust design for reliability
  • All moving parts are submerged in oil
  • Instant response to dosage changes
  • Precise feedback signal
  • Efficient drive sizing
  • Mates with advanced HPD liquid end for maximum performance
  • Economical duplex configuration availability
  • Compact design with a higher capacity in a small footprint
  • Low maintenance


  • Capacity range between 0.45 gph minimum to 550 gph maximum
  • Discharge pressures up to 9,000 psi (CENTRAC S), 1,575 psi (CENTRAC B)
  • Maximum stroking speed at 162 spm
  • ± 0.5% steady state accuracy over 100:1 turndown ratio
  • Simplex or duplex configurations


Water and wastewater treatment. CENTRAC pumps are ideal for water treatment applications because of their proven accuracy, responsive design, and capability to dose a variety of chemicals over a wide range of flow rates.  These reliable, low maintenance metering pumps provide efficient dosing and reduce chemical costs.

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